Saturday, June 29, 2013

The glorious, magical Dhaka commissary

One of the privileges we are so grateful for here in Dhaka is definitely the US Commissary. This is the grocery store that serves the diplomatic personnel. It is about the size of a small neighborhood market store and carries most of the brands and stuff you would see in the US.

Not all the foreign diplomats in Dhaka have the same privilege. The Canadians don't have anything similar and cannot shop there. 
For the most part the prices are comparable, but there will be a premium for items that need to be transported in a refrigerated container all the way from US. However, it is comforting to shop for something familiar once in a while.

The Bangladeshi markets are just fine and anyone would be able to get along great once they learn how to navigate them. But I have to tell you, it is a nice to walk into the Commissary and see the frozen pizza in the refrigerated case, the Mac ‘n Cheese, Tostitos, cheese, ice cream, frozen OJ, soups, Reeses Pieces, garlic bread pretzels, frozen salmon fillets, Dr Pepper.

And don't forget the virtually impossible to come by here in Dhaka: the ALCOHOL (any beer beer, wine or hard liquor you can think of at duty free price). And yes, the bacon Vlad is so found of!

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  1. where is it in Dhaka ,Bangladesh .please provide the address of this store.